Are you ready to finally create the business and life you truly desire?

Awesome! I'd love to help you do just that!KimBeckers

Hey there Fellow Rockstar Entrepreneur,

I get it, because not too long ago I too was in your shoes.

I invested 100’s of thousands of dollars, literally to figure it out with cookie cutter programs that produced little to no results and often times left me worse off than I was in the first place.

Here’s the thing, as a heart centered entrepreneur we are different, we are not like others, not because we are superior or anything like that but because we are awake and aware and with that comes responsibility.

Responsibility for creating in alignment with our souls purpose, our desires and the new way of doing things, not the old, ego based way of doing things.

In order to do that, we MUST be connected to our vision, we must know what specifically our vision is.

Most people get this wrong, I know that I did for years and years, we try to create our vision from a place of wanting the pain to stop, meaning, I just want to have enough clients, or money, or whatever it is so that I don't have to feel this way anymore.

And, that's where we go about it all wrong and we can't open up to the magic of the Universe, which is why the critical first step to creating what you truly desire (not creating from a place of wanting the pain to stop) is to get crystal clear on what you desire.

And, I have an awesome solution and offer for you to just that, and the best part is, right now, you can grab this steal of a deal for only $27 bucks.

Yep, that's it, just $27, why is it so affordable?

Honestly, I usually sell this as $100 training module or as part of my Rock Your Biz Foundation ($597) but since I know you are an action taker and I know first hand how critical it is to get this first step right, I want to make it a no brainer for you to get your hands on this information.

Are you ready to Get Crystal Clear on Your Vision so that you can FINALLY Manifest your desires?

  • Would you like to learn to tap into your powerful vision, so that you can create goals and intentions in alignment with what you desire?
  • Would you like to realize more freedom in your business (so you can do the things you want to do on your own terms?
  • Would you love to easily plan your months ahead in an organized and systematic way that helps you stay focused on the important revenue generating activities all while working less and earning more, in a way that keeps you accountable to your goals, and timelines?

Getting crystal clear on your desires and your higher vision is the first step you MUST take in order to make that a reality and I am going to show you how to do that step by step with ease.

Why am I Practically Giving Away This System…?

Actually, it’s really quiet simple… I want to win you over.

…because I know that once you get a taste of my training and systems and start consuming them and putting them to work for you in your biz, in the future, you will look to me for help in continuing to grow your business.

And the best strategy for me to win you over and get YOU to you know, "know, like and trust me" is to give you my best, proven strategies, systems, templates and training to get you where you want to go.

And let's face it if you don't have a vision for where you are going, well, then the whole bottom falls out and you keep on creating a whole bunch of stuff you don't really want. You know what I mean?

So all in all it's really creating a win - win opportunity, don't you think?

Vibeke Schurch

“…The first month I worked with Kim I quadrupled my income! She’s warm, caring, brilliant and fun to work with. Sometimes it just takes a small tweak in what you’re doing to make a big change in the bottom line, which is exactly what was the case for me. Thanks Kim!”

Vibeke Schurch, Tangible Concepts
Ann M Strout

“...3 months in, I  tripled my income! ...My entire life has transformed because of the work I have done with Kim. I honestly don’t know what I would do without her. She keeps me moving forward and always thinking positive. She has helped me finally realize, that I am NOT my past. And I am so happy to know, feel and believe that!...”

Ann M Strout
Chris Atley

“Kim is a master at what she does! She is an amazing resource on what systems a business owner needs to have in place in order to stop leaving money on the table! I highly recommend Kim for people ready to get the support that will take their business to the next level!”

Chris Atley, Total Harmony Coaching

Here's What's Included...

2 MP3 Training Modules to Help Guide You to Your Desires + Vision and break it down 🙂



16 Page PDF workbook to help you get crystal clear on your desires and your vision, step-by-step

Connect to your desires + vision guided mediation/visualization

Instant Access to:

  • 40 Minute Tapping into your powerful vision mp3 recording ($97 value)
  • 16 Page PDF workbook Workbook - Tapping into your powerful vision ($97 value)
  • Bonus: 11 Minute mp3 recording - How to break down your vision further ($17 value)
  • Bonus: 12 Minute mp3 recording - Connect to your desires mediation ($17 value)

Total Value: $228
Regular Retail Price: $100
Yours Today for only: $27

This is the perfect time to get crystal clear on your higher vision so that you can create a business and life that is in alignment with that vision. Let's tap into your vision together.

Are you ready to create the business and life you truly desire? Beyond anything you thought was possible?

It is possible and I want to help you create a business that is in full alignment with what you truly desire.

Take action today and I will "see" you on the other side.

Love and blessings,



Total Value: $228
Regular Retail Price: $100
Yours Today for only: $27

Due to the highly discounted price I have a strict no refunds policy - thank you 🙂

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